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Our feature
1. Superior location
ABIC is located at the center of technology corridor of southern Taiwan and neighbors Nanzih Export Processing Zone and Luzhu area of Southern Taiwan Science Park. ABIC is also close to expressway, high-speed rail and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit. You can reach Kaohsiung Port and Kaohsiung International Airport within thirty minutes ride. In short, ABIC has the advantage of connecting land, sea and air transportation network.

2 High quality and complete research resource
Currently we have 5 academies, 47 departments, in-service program and industry Master’s degree program. We have established research groups including environment technology, economics, laws, optoelectronics, semiconductor and biological technology. ABIC has united with nearby universities, thus became a powerful human resources. cultivating institution.

3. New and advanced research environment
ABIC has newly built building, 82.5 hectares of land and the most advanced teaching and research equipments including semiconductor communication, optoelectronic material, IC producing test labs, sustainable urban and environment ecosystem researching center, WTO research center, Chinese language research center and we are developing biology human resources. cultivating and international English environment constructing project.

4. Integration if local resource strategy alliance
ABIC has been actively integrating external resource. We hope we can enhance the competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprise, create extra added value and ladle out the energy of enterprise researching, management, fund and human resources.

5. human resources cultivating course that enterprise really need
ABIC has many human resources cultivating courses including semiconductor academy IC packaging, optoelectronic unit and manufacturing technique, bureau of employment and vocational training key technology human resource cultivating project, nanotechnology manufacturing technique, various of laws taxes and patent protecting courses. We will integrate local education centers to offer finance, management, marketing and technology laws courses in the future.

811 No.700, Gaorioungdarue Rd., Nanzi Dist, Kaohsiung City 811 ,Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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